Welcome to Alfada Alsahrawi Oil Services Company, where we offer a wide range of specialized services in the oil and gas sector. We understand the importance of providing reliable and efficient solutions to our customers, and we work hard to ensure that their needs and expectations are met.

Our services :
1. Daily Support Services at Oil Ports:

We provide daily support to our clients at oil ports, including coordination of loading, unloading, storage, transportation, and maintenance.

2. Technical Services and Training :

We offer specialized training and professional development courses for workers in the oil and gas sector, in addition to providing technical support and consultancy to improve operational efficiency..

3. Energy and Oil Consultations:

We provide specialized consultations in the energy and oil field to assist our clients in achieving their goals and improving their business performance.

4. Importing Oil Services Equipment and Machinery:

We provide import services for a wide range of devices and machinery related to oil services, including drilling, exploration, and production equipment.

5. Installation and Setup of Oil-Related Machinery:

We install and set up all machinery related to oil, including drilling, exploration, and production equipment, to ensure high and efficient performance.

6. Drilling:

We have a specialized team with extensive experience in executing horizontal, vertical, and deviated drilling projects.

7. Slickline Operations, Coiled Tubing Exploration, and Nitrogen Extraction Unit:

We offer slickline services and coiled tubing exploration with a nitrogen extraction unit to enhance the efficiency of production and maintenance operations.

8. Oil and Gas Separation Device:

We own a high-quality oil and gas separation device to ensure effective and safe separation of oil and gas and to improve the quality of the final products.

Our Goal

Our goal at Sahara Space Oil Services Company is to provide innovative and effective solutions to our clients in the oil and gas sector, focusing on improving performance, reducing costs, and ensuring sustainability and safety.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the leading company in providing oil and gas services at the regional level, with excellence in quality, innovation, and outstanding service to our clients.

Our team

Our team consists of a group of experienced professionals with diverse skills in the oil and gas field. We believe in the importance of collaboration and effective communication to achieve our common goals.

  • 2. Marketing Manager:

    The Marketing Manager works on developing and implementing marketing and public relations strategies to increase awareness of the company’s services and attract new customers.

  • 1. Executive Director

    The Executive Director assumes the responsibility of guiding the company, setting its strategies, and ensuring the achievement of its goals.

  • 4. Operations Manager:

    The Operations Manager is responsible for organizing and coordinating all activities related to operations, maintenance, production, and distribution.

  • 3. Sales Manager:

    The Sales Manager is responsible for achieving sales goals and expanding the customer base by developing strong relationships with current and potential customers.

  • 6. Finance Manager:

    The Finance Manager works on managing the company’s financial resources and ensuring compliance with accounting and regulatory standards.

  • 5. Human Resources Manager:

    The Human Resources Manager is responsible for developing and implementing human resources strategies, recruitment, training, and professional development of employees.

  • 7. Engineers and Technicians:

    The team consists of engineers and technicians specialized in the oil and gas field, working together to ensure the successful and efficient execution of projects.

We look forward to working with you and providing the best solutions for your needs in the oil and gas sector.